Top 10 Online Accredited Web Development Schools

The high tech course that web technology has taken has resulted in an increase of people who are looking to develop web based businesses. This onslaught has brought about a need for many web professionals and web development skills are also one of the many sought after, highly paid skills. Companies are looking for people with web developer’s skills and a good reputed degree.

Even on your own, web development can be a profitable venture and can reap you many benefits if you know what you need to do. It is important first to get a good online education in the field of web development and make yourself a certified web developer by getting excellent online accredited degrees.

There are many online institutions providing education in this field out of which the top ten are as follows.

  1. University of Phoenix which offers BS in Information Technology and web development is known to provide good programs.
  2. The Kaplan University has degree courses in web development and CIS, and website development certification for graduates.
  3. Baker online has bachelors in web development and provides good technical and creative skills.
  4. The Florida State University Center offers online webmaster courses to keep you up to date.
  5. The Strayer University Online has concentrated courses in web development with BS in Information Systems and other diploma and undergrad certification courses available as well.
  6. The Devry University offers Bachelors in CIS with focus on web development and administration.
  7. South University provides degree courses for Bachelors in IT and Web Management.
  8. Full Sail University has Bachelor of Science degree program in Internet Marketing which is good for people who need to explore the ever changing world of integrated marketing.
  9. Rasmussen College presents Web Programmers courses and degrees which are also in good demand. This is because many web development businesses are moving towards E-commerce.
  10. International Academy of Design and Technology also proffers courses and degree programs like Bachelors of Fine Arts in Web Development with a great curriculum focused on hand on jobs and building portfolio.

For career options you can checkout web development directories like web development WV websites available online. If you wish to pursue a career in web development then you should try getting yourself a good online accredited degrees based around the recent course studies.

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