How to Increase Your Salary as a Web Developer?

The World Wide Web and its related businesses are growing at an astounding rate, so the employment outlook for web designers is excellent through 2014. Web design takes place in a fast-paced, creative atmosphere in which one must constantly develop new ideas and respond quickly to the changing needs of their customers.

There are several different career paths available in the field of web design;

  • The entry-level position of assistant designer involves designing certain elements of a web page or Web site.
  • Project managers are in charge of the design or redesign of entire Web sites. The project manager may work with freelance artists and writers who supply materials to be incorporated into the Web site.
  • Design directors oversee the work of the web designers . A design director is usually the person who meets most often with the client to discuss ideas and make sure project meets the client’s expectations.

According to statistics, the Web developer salary is of an average of US$ 50,000 a year. However there are certain factors which may help to increase a web developer salary as below:

  • Education:Obviously receiving your degree from an accredited, high-profile university will land you a higher income than a degree from a community college, but the number of degrees held in similar fields can also increase your pay as a web designer, also.
  • Hands-on Experience within the Industry:the amount of experience you have gained in the Industry of < 5 years will be of substantial different compare to those with > 10 years experience.
  • Experience with related software and technology:the more knowledgeable you are of the multiple different platforms and systems, the higher your salary as a web designer will be.
  • The size of the company:Obviously a small, just start up company will not be able to pay you as much as Fortune 500 companies. However this is where you can learn the most as a fresh-graduate.
  • Strategic Location of the Employer:Big cities or towns are more willing to pay you more as compared to those in the rural area.
  • Your negotiation skills:This depends on how well you market yourself in terms of what kind of service you can provide to the Employer.
  • Your specialization:Whether you have specialization in any one specific aspect, or you knows all of them fairly well, but does not excel in any of the specific aspect will make substantial salary difference.
  • Familiarization with specific software suite and computer hardware which are utilized in the specific company

The Income estimates for web developers and related occupations vary by company, experience and seniority. According to data collected in April 2006 by Information Week, a typical worker in the web design or web development field in the United States is expected to earn a median base salary of $65,500.

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