How To Design Web Page

An overview on how to design web pages, including web design tips.

A good web design is the key to a great and commercially successful website. It is important to have usability embedded in the web design, so the users end up using as many features as possible in the website.

You will have to look at a few areas such as layout, graphics, fonts, advertising, and content before you could fully understand what web design is.

There are many web design tips that should be followed during the designing phase of the web site. Let’s now take a look at some of the tips related to the aforementioned areas.

When it comes to graphics, the size of the image file plays a key role with regards to site performance. When the image files are bigger in size, it takes a long time for browsers to display images.

The end user experiences this as a delay, and may not be happy about the performance.

There are various web design tutorials available for beginners to learn important graphics tips. Such tutorials help web designers understand web templates, HTML basics, JAVA script basics, and CSS.

You also want to make sure the web site has your most important information on the visitor’s screen, before the visitor has to scroll to view more.

Use of .gifs and other rapidly changing images is old school.

There have been many usability studies carried out in this area and they have clearly shown that the end users become annoyed when flashy graphics are used.

Layout is one of the main aspects of a web design.

You want to make sure your layout is easy to navigate, easy to read, and not cluttered. You can use free web site templates for this.

There is nothing wrong in using free web page designs these are much more advanced in nature, than how they used to be.

Some designers use their favorite font for web designs and miserably fail at making the website visibly usable for visitors due to illegible fonts. When choosing website fonts, you should always consider the target audience of the website.

For example, if you are targeting professionals, use some professional font instead of using fonts such as MS Comic Sans. And if your target audience is senior citizens, always use big font sizes as age can sometimes challenge the ability to read small font.

I hope these web design tips helped teach you how to design web pages.

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